Eurolockers’ locker systems can improve your venue operations, while generating valuable extra income. Your customers will have peace of mind knowing their belongings are safe, and your employees’ time can be spent on more productive activities using this simple and worry-free solution.

self service storage lockers features.

  • Electronic Pin-code Locker system has proven to be highly successful at our clients’ venues.  They provide a fully automatic and easy management system reducing staff costs. Currently we have these lockers running at some of the biggest leisure parks in Europe.
  • Optionally a rfid system could be placed instead of pincoded steered locker kiosks.
  • The locker setups are standard fitted with a cashless & mobile payment system 
  • multiple sizes and setups are possible 

Either way please get in touch with us so we can tailor the best locker solution for your theme park, we are reachable 7 days a week.

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