self service cashless lockers Fllipout, basingstoke

Recently, Eurolockers BV installed a new system of self-service electronic lockers at FlipOut Basingstoke, an indoor entertainment venue located in the UK. These easy to use lockers are the latest addition to Eurolockers’ growing portfolio of innovative locker solutions, and provide a convenient and secure way for FlipOut Basingstoke’s customers to store their personal belongings while they enjoy the venue’s attractions.

The new self-service lockers at FlipOut Basingstoke are very easy to use. Customers simply choose an available locker, enter their desired PIN code on the keypad, and the locker will open. The lockers can be used with cashless payment, so customers don’t need to worry about carrying coins or cash with them. This makes the locker system even more convenient and user-friendly.

In addition to being easy to use, the self-service lockers at Flipout Basingstoke are also highly secure. The lockers are equipped with state-of-the-art locking technology, and are designed to prevent tampering and unauthorized access. This ensures that customers’ belongings will be safe and secure while they are enjoying the venue’s attractions.

The installation of these self-service electronic lockers at Flipout Basingstoke is a great example of how Eurolockers BV is providing innovative solutions to the leisure industry. As a family entertainment center, Flipout Basingstoke is a perfect fit for Eurolockers’ locker systems, and the new lockers are sure to be a hit with customers.

Overall, the new self-service lockers at Flipout Basingstoke are a great addition to the venue. They provide a convenient and secure way for customers to store their belongings, and are easy to use with cashless payment. Eurolockers BV is proud to have installed these lockers at Flipout Basingstoke, and looks forward to continuing to provide innovative locker solutions at leisure venues  around the world.

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