Electronic Locker Solutions

Designed & developed in Holland,  smart & easy to  use lockers.

Storage Lockers  

Click & Collect Lockers  

Custom Lockers

Eurolockers is a leading European provider of electronic lockers, offering both self-service and click & collect services that customers can easily access and use. 

Our locker systems take the hassle out of renting lockers, ensuring customers are able to make use of our convenient pincode and cashless payment system with ease. 

We provide exclusive revenue share and purchase options so that customers in all business settings have access to our electronic lockers. 

Whatever your needs, Eurolockers’ electronic locker system is an easy, efficient solution!


Our Electronic Locker Lines

Self Service Storage Lockers

Our electronic storage lockers are selfservice saving precious time and manhours operating the pay lockers. 

The lockers are steered by a touchscreen kiosk that can be fitted with cashless payment, RFID, barcode & qrcode readers. 

The lockers can be placed inside or outside and are built to last. Some of our clients are currently operating our lockers for over 10 years.

Click and Collect Lockers

Our electronic Click and collect parcel lockers are made in mind for retail chains and shops looking to expand their opening hours and offering more delivery options for your customers.

The lockers are steered by Eurolockers Parcel locker Software kiosk and is fitted with a touchscreen and QR code reader.

Your clients receive a sms and qr code which they can use to retrieve their package in 2 simple steps.

Custom Electronic Lockers

Developing our locker software in-house we are looking forward in your electronic locker concept ideas for your venue/location. 

Have a specific locker size, smart specific locker solution or anything else in mind? find out more. Our locker kiosks can be customized as well.


Where we started

We started out with a strong focus om the leisure / recreational industry and have long experience providing electronic lockers for the following venues:


Theme parks ​




Family Entertainment Centers

Museums / Exhibitions

Suitable Industries for our Smart Locker Solutions


Arts & Recreation

leisure parks, Zoo's, Museums


co-working , offices



Pharmacies / Hospitals



shopping centers, shops



Schools / Universities






Airports / Transitions



Built to your solution

Our electronic self service lockers have been placed at:

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